Closest point with condition

Hello dear professional,
I’m looking for a way how to get the closest point on any line or solid to a specified point with conditions like:
the resulting closest point can not be closer than 2 miters lets say. Obviously it can be achieved with Geometry Intersect Node (make a circle with 2m Radius, intersect with lines), do you know any other ways to get similar result ?

Check the distance with Grater than or equal to and Filter Out all values and points less than x. Then use SortByKey and Reverse folowed by FirstItem. It should be very simple.

Hope this helps,

If you want to be computationally efficient then you can find an equation of the line and simply calculate it :slight_smile: (same for the surface actually, but the result might be more than one point)

Draw circle/s at the point/s of required radius
But do not intersect
Instead, find the Closest Point on the line/s to the Circle/s (instead of the point/origin of the circle)

This is an alternative method to the circle intersection one: