Clockwork and other packages


I have the recent Clockwork Package installd, but not all nodes is avalible.
Like the Document,Views node.

What can I do to activate them?

Hi @BIM_Mrbrango ,

After installing any package in Dynamo all nodes should show up properly without having to do anything else or restarting, could you show how you downloaded the clockwork package?

Hi @Daan

I clicked on the version of my choice, 2.4.0, extracted the zip-file and moved all folders to packages, se images below


@BIM_Mrbrango Did you use 7-zip to unpack and unblock all .dll’s?

Hi @Marcel_Rijsmus
No I used the built in windows to extract.
What du you meen by unblocking dll?
I’ve got 1 dll Package.customization.dll, should ther be more?

I used the search button and typed unblocking and found this:

there are a lot of post about the subject, so try the search button.