Clockwork causing Code Blocks to break

I have an issue that goes away when I uninstall Clockwork. All of my Code Blocks are blank and I cannot type in them. This occurs for new ones and existing ones if I open an existing graph.

When I uninstall Clockwork, they are restored. Bummer. Will there be an update to Clockwork soon?

I am using Dynamo 1.1. Thanks.

By chance do you have Unifi installed?


Hi Paul,

Clockwork for Dynamo 1.x is in the works according to @Andreas_Dickmann reply on this post Clockwork 1.x (When will this be available) - #2 by Andreas_Dieckmann

Thank you. Good to hear!
I took the “nuclear option” recently and uninstalled all packages. I am slowly adding them back as need arises.

You can track the progress here

After installing clockwork package try restarting your PC. See if that helps.


OK, I gave that a try, reinstalled it, shut down, then restarted. Seems to be OK now. I’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks.