Cleaned Up my cookies

I cleaned up my computer (tracking cookies) and lost my normal account.
Can i fix this and how?

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Hello @marcelrijsmus - is the forum auto logging you into your new account, or did you lose access (Username + Password) to the old @Marcel_Rijsmus account?

Dear Sol, since it does autologin, I did not take the time to remember my password, cause I have too many

If I login, it recognizes my email address, but it sees me as a new user somehow.

Is there a way to merge profiles or something alike ?

Thank for helping out, I saw Micheal Kirsner (misspelled but you know) also had an alias with the 1 added.


I can add your @marcelrijsmus email address (Hotmail one) to your @Marcel_Rijsmus email address (Office one) for sure! I just can’t do that while your @marcelrijsmus account is using it.

Is it possible to set a different (Even throwaway) email address to the @marcelrijsmus account, then let me know? You can do so by editing your profile.

Well, i used so many email aliases i lost count of related accounts and email adreses, just to get some extra time with the one-month trial period of Revit and Project Notre Dame. :slight_smile: :pleading_face:


Fixed it


@Marcel_Rijsmus …great back in business :wink:

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