Turn off all Grids, Levels & Scope Boxes in all Revit Links across all View Templates

Can this be done?

I am assuming it would be to collect all View Templates and all Links. Join these somehow.

The rest seems very cumbersome; you would have to change display settings to ‘Custom’ and then change ‘Basics’ to ‘Custom’, THEN change Annotation Categories to ‘Custom’, and THEN uncheck the Levels.

Would this be too much work, even for Dynamo?

Just select one Grid, rename its type (i use a prefix) and make a filter that says, if its not this type (does not contain) do not display it.
Same could be done for Levels.
don’t know how this will work for scopeboxes tho.

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Give them a prefix and hide by name for your scopeboxes :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the idea. I will apply this to see it in action.