Class and variable

Hi everyone,

My boss had a problem with a custom node (Add Revisions to Sheet from archilab) in Dynamo core 2.2.1 from Revit 2020. The problem was that the input variable was named as a class (Class = Revision). So, I changed it to a valid variable (Variable name = Rev).

I kinda understand why you can’t use a class name as a variable. However, with the Dynamo 2.0.2 or with others older version, it is allowed… I’ve checked if the name of the class changed over time in Revit API and it doesn’t…

Does someone have an idea or know the answer on this subject?

Thanks in advance!

Make sure you are on the updated archilab package as a first step.

I believe this was changed in Dynamo to accommodate other workflows where this would be breaking.