Clash Detection using Dynamo with Spheres

I know there are multiple ways to achieve this and my approach shall most likely be similar, the same or something that others have already done - so forgive me, if l have repeated someone else’s question. (I have carried out research).

Within the attached image, the beam to column clashes (purple spheres), works fine both numerically and visually.

The beam to beam clash detection has been a nightmare to resolve. I feel l am nearly there, however, within the image only 5 beam to beam clashes exist, yet it is returning a further 2 clashes (highlighted), yet they are not clashing at all.

Any thoughts.

You can see that something strange is occurring, because when this particular beam is pulled back it is still considering or applying a clash sphere. Why, oh why?


Please attach the dyn and sample Revit files. It’s impossible to answer you without seeing the dyn graph.