Clash Detection By Categories Script

Hi all,

I recently developed a Clash Detection By Categories script that may be of help to any of you.

When running the script, a dialog pops up to select the categories you would like to clash. It will create one 3D focused view for each clash detected. You can also select the colours you want for the categories.

There is some package dependency to get it working. Attached you a screenshot;

This has been developed and tested using Revit 2020 and Dynamo 2.3

UPDATE 08.11.2020, I have reviewed the script to solve Data Shape UI Custom node according to @ochen95 issue.
Clash Detection By Categories_original.dyn (327.9 KB)



Hi I Have one problem with your script. I dowload all packages which you attached in scrren, but I have problem with this node.

Some ideas why ?

That looks like the Datashapes UI.MultipleInputForm ++ node.

The dyn may have renamed the title and broke the association, try loading in a fresh node.


Yes @ochen95 , I made some modifications to Datashapes UI.MultipleInputForm ++ node. However, you can follow @Robert_Younger advise and reload the node and I am sure it will work.

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Yes, now it’s work. Thank you @Robert_Younger @jaialcan

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Hi,Thank you a lot for your script, but I have two problems. I downloaded all packages, but still have problem. What can I do to solve this?

Hi @akamzoldayeva ,
Happy to help but you made changes in my original script.
I used the String from Object node to convert Categories from the model before going into Datashapes UI.MultipleInputForm ++ node for instance.
Give it a try and let me know.


Hello, try checking your archi-lab version and replace the node as needed.
For the allcategories node, that comes from MEPover (unless another package has an identical node)

Hello again! I didn’t think you’d answer so soon, thank you very much! It turns out that I did not show you the image that I really wanted. I uploaded your file to my project again for the second time. But it doesn’t work again. I’ll attach a photo.

I would like to get some advice, is it possible to create an excel file with all the clashed elements and its images, and is it possible to do this using your script? My task is to find clashes and create 1 document with images and object parameters and item IDs. Like from navisworks.
Thank you!!