Clash Detection enhanced workflow

Hi everyone,

Finally i have finished the enhanced workflow for clash detection so find below what is new.

  1. Input Form: User input form to simplify dynamo workflow and the ability to run it through dynamo player.
  2. Clashes per category: Ability to run the clashes category Vs category (example. Walls vs Ducts)
  3. Progress bar: Shows dynamo’s progress with ability to cancel the process at any time. (Inspired by [Deyan Nenov] (
  4. Clash detection nodes: for the whole workflow with accurate output.
  5. 3D Views per solid: As been requested by users (@vanman )

Find the post in the below link.


Good job mohammad, thanks for share :+1:

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This is amazing. Couple things I’m unsure why they are not happening.

Never found this clash with this pipe from host model and wall from linked model


Nulls with the host model colour override

The elements dont seem to show up in my dynamo.

I think the 2 clashes it did find, It didnt create the box in the right place or its not creating the scope box around the intersection of the clash

Tried with Ducts and walls and found these elements in my dynamo

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Hi @vanman

Thank you for the feedback, I am glad that you have tried it out.

Regarding the color I have updated the node to show you the elements (just keep in mind in case of link models the linked elements will not be overridden this option only for host elements)

I have tested it with pipes and it is worked as should be, from you picture I can see the pipe is colored to red which is showing it as clash but I am curios why you set the offset to 1000(I believe this why you can’t see the box around the element) use 50–100 with linked model/1-10 for host models. as picture below.

Last thing about solids in dynamo this is normal to study the clashes and will not effect your work. Also for pipe case press on zoom to fit in dynamo to see the solids. check the picture below.

One thing wanted to make sure if you can confirm it, do you see progress bar to notify you about the progress ?

again thank you for your feedback.

Hi Mohammad,

The blue pipe was the pipe intersecting with the wall didn’t show up. The red one is just a red pipe in the picture to confuse you sorry :slight_smile: The blue pipe never showed up as a clash, the two clashes that showed up look as below. I’m wondering if linking coordinates is mucking up something, uneducated guess though.

Better picture of clash not appearing

I set the box offset to 1000 thinking in millimeters but I will put to 70 now.

The zoom button is not going to the 2 clashes it found in dynamo. Just resets to the grid. I saw the two clashes in dynamo but then lost them using the zoom button.

I saw the progress bar! it is amazingly helpful to know what is going on!

I binded the structural model into the model with pipes and found 33 clashes. Hard to zoom around but I can see specs of something in dynamo

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Hi @vanman

I’m not sure why this issue is generated that can show the clash point and it could be related to coordinates, if the you still facing an issue with that I would like to have a look on a sample file from your side if possible to understand the problem. Have a good day !

Looks very promising, @Mohammad_Nawar thank you for sharing this!

Just wondering if possible to upgrade this to:

  1. Select multiple linked models instead of 1 (it’s a best case scenario if you only have 1 linked model, but what if you have 15+ linked models?)

  2. Retrieve all categories from linked models to be able to select one or multiple of them and push through the clash check vs. Host model categories.
    (In this case check boxes would work better instead of dropdown with only 1 selection and you can select whatever categories you want and do clash test only 1 time instead of 8 times if you have 8 categories in your linked model and want to check if host model elements clashes with each category from the model).

  3. 3D views per solid sounds like a good idea but it takes quite a bit of time to generate these if you have let’s say 90+ of the clashes.

My idea would be to get an intersection coordinates and add a sphere or an arrow family in place with information of what kind of categories are clashing. Other than that, all the spheres or arrows can be populated in the schedule.
It would be easy to click on the clash in the schedule, swith over to 3d view and do scope box. So only the selected sphere with the clash will be visible.

Once clash is solved, a clash sphere or an arrow can be deleted manually (OR this can be done automatically running the clash test once again. For example: 1. Once a new clash test has started all the clash spheres before clash detection should be collected in an active view and deleted (ofc, this can be made as an option for user) 2. Program will do clash test once again and get intersection coordinates
3. A new clash spheres will be placed as per intersection point.). If no clashes can be found, no spheres will appear in the active view. So we will be safe that no clash sphere families are hanging somewhere arround the model.

It’s just my idea of how this can be made more ‘flexible’ for more complicates projects when you have 10+ IFC files and 10+ categories and need to do a clash test of all elements in linked model or models vs. All elements of host models.

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