CivilConnection2021 not available

What is the reason CivilConnection2021 is no available anymore, only V2020?
Package 2021 from Github is not working

Did you follow the installation instructions and install Civil Python first?

Yes, but package 2021 is not available, only 2020

Go to the github and follow the instructions there, including how things need to be unlocked and the order to set stuff up in. Read the documentation before you start.

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thanks Paolo, it works. I was just wondering why 2021 is not available as package. Never mind

Honestly because I suspected it would confuse people even more (CivilConnection???, Dynamo for Civil 3D???, Civil 3D Toolkit??), but that was 1.5 years ago, perhaps I was worried for nothing.

Would civil python install correctly via PM? If not… I wouldn’t move to that means of deployment myself. :slight_smile:

True, one would definitely need to install it separately the first time, It should support multiple versions though.

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FYI. I have similar issues. I solved them opening the properties of the .dll and the .xml files that are inside the civilconnection folder and modifying any kind of block given by the computer:

The title of the checkbox that I modified was something like “The file comes from another computer. Access may have been blocked for security reasons”.