CivilConnection BaselineRegion.Shapes Stalls

My CivilConnection BaselineRegion.Shapes node stalls without errors. I have let it run for 30+mins and nothing happens and I’m forced to close both Dynamo and Revit. All the nodes leading up to the BaselineRegion.Shapes node work great. I have also acquired coordinates in Revit from blocks of circle at start of alignment. Thanks for the help.

CivilConnection2020 5.0.0
Revit 2020.2.2
Civil 2020.4

dyn and dwg file attached.

Wall.dyn (13.0 KB)
test.dwg (1.6 MB)

@Joseph_Gemperline have you followed the instructions and installed all the components (e.g. CivilPython)? if yes can you share the log file? if no can you try after you install everything?

I was not aware of any instructions, oops! I found your Git page and will read through that to see if solves it. I’m sure it well. Thanks for the quick reply and keep up the amazing work!

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After following instructions to install civilpython I get the " Unknown command “PYTHON”. " when running the python command in Civil 3D. On the initial run I did get the “Always Run” dialog box but no file browse dialog after that. It appears in the App manager. Ideas?

can you confirm you restarted Civil 3D?

Yes. Restarted machine too. Thanks for the quick reply!

Can you confirm that in the XML C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\CivilPython.bundle\PackageContents.xml you have the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<ApplicationPackage SchemaVersion="1.0"
<CompanyDetails Name="" Phone=" " Url="" Email="" />
<RuntimeRequirements SeriesMax="R24.0"
                   OS="Win32|Win64" />
    <ComponentEntry AppName="CivilPython"
                AppDescription="Description for command module of CivilPython"
                LoadOnCommandInvocation="True" LoadOnRequest="True">
        <Command Local="Python" Global="Python" />
	    <Command Local="-python" Global="-python" />
	    <Command Local="-replacesolid" Global="-replacesolid" />
        <Command Local="-ExportLandFeatureLinesToXml" Global="-ExportLandFeatureLinesToXml" />
        <Command Local="-ExportCorridorFeatureLinesToXML" Global="-ExportCorridorFeatureLinesToXML" />
        <Command Local="-ExportSubassemblyShapesToXML" Global="-ExportSubassemblyShapesToXML" />
        <Command Local="-ExportSubassemblyLinksToXML" Global="-ExportSubassemblyLinksToXML" />

Check especially the value in SeriesMax

That all looks good:

Are you explicitly loading the .DLL via NETLOAD?

I dont know about loading via NETLOAD, so if that is a specific way to load it than, no.
I only unpacked and move the CivilPython.bundle folder to “C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins”. Then I restarted and tried the command “python” and get unknow command.

can you confirm you unblocked the .dll after unpacking?

I looked in the bottom right and no option for unblocking was available so I assumed it was already unblocked.