Civilapplication node not working


I can’ t get CivilApplication node working.

Revit 2020.2
Civilconnection2020 5.0.5
Civilpython accessible from Civil3D
Dynamo 2.3.0

Both soft in meters

Error on the node :

Avertissement:CivilApplication…ctor l’opération a échoué.
La valeur ne peut pas être nulle.
Nom du paramètre: path1

What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks a lot


@crichard1210 can you upload a screenshot?

Sure ! Here it is.

Does the log file say anything? It’s found in the user temp folder.

Sorry for late reply, back from holidays today.

I don’t get any log file in the user temp folder. Would it be located somewhere else?

Or do you talk about dynamo Revit log folder ? If so I have an image here

FYI I’m working with Revit and Civil in French version

No, there should be log file called CivilConnection_temp.log in the user temp folder.

@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 can you advise?

Have you read the user manual? Have you got multiple versions of Civil 3D Installed? Is C3D 2020 the default version? Have you checked the path in the shortcut you use to launch C3D?

Yes I read the user manual.

By the way in th user manual it says that civilconnection is compatible with Dynamo 1.3-2.1. Here I am working with Dynamo 2.3. Any problem ?

I have only C3D 2020 installed and is the default version (I guess as It is the only one)

This the shortcut behind C3D 2020

I checked with IT team today and I confirm that no log file is created in mu user TMP folder

Any news regarding this topic ?