Extract Corridor Solids not working

Hello, I am hoping anyone can help me out with a problem, regarding the Corridor.GetSolids node from Dynamo for Civil3D.

I have two Civil3D documents and a dynamo script.
With the one document Dynamo recognizes the solids and in the other it doesn’t and I cannot figure out why.
Is there anyone that knows, what the difference is between the two corridors I have, so I can get Solids from both corridors?

Sincerly, Robin

Please message me directly if anyone wants the files

Ha @robin.tauran, heb je dit al eens bij je collega’s Maarten en/of Tom nagevraagd van de afdeling Rail? Zij kunnen je hiermee zeker verder helpen :+1:

@robin.tauran welcome to the forum, can you post a screen capture of the message you get on the node?

Thanks for the replies, So the problem has been solved.
The node didn’t work because the solids were extracted after the script ran. When I now extract solids before I run my script everything goes as desired.