Civil3D. Filter Pipes by Alignment Reference

Hello, everyone!

I have a pipe network in Civil 3D with different branches, each one defined by an alignment. In order to swap multiple elements at once with Dynamo, I need to filter structures and pipes by their PipeNetwork, then by their Alignment reference and finally by their station.

I found the way to do it with structures, but not with the pipes because I miss a node reading the Alignment Reference of the pipes. There is one for structures, but not for pipes, as far as I know…

Is there a node for that, or any other way to get this information? (And I don’t want to create multiple pipe networks)

Any idea would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

Good catch! please use Civil 3D Toolkit 1.0.16

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That was fast! I was missing this node for so long…

Awesome! Thanks :slight_smile: