Dynamo Select Connected Pipe Network Parts


I am hoping to create a dynamo graph where the user can select an upstream structure and downstream structure of a pipe network and then the graph would find all the connected parts in between.

I.E. User selects upstream structure “Structure-5” and downstream structure “Structure-2” and dynamo finds the connected parts in between (Structure-2, Pipe-2, Structure-3, Pipe-3, Structure-4, Pipe-4, Structure-5).

Hopefully this example is somewhat clear. Thanks for and and all help!

Hi @hestingjj,

I added a node to Camber for this. Can you give it a try?


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Thank you for this providing this node! I am not upgraded to C3D 2022.1 yet and am not able to get this node. I will make sure to remember this is out there when I do get the upgrade. Can you post a snippet of what the outputs from that node look like after running a graph? Thanks again. Your package is great!

Looks great! I really like this node. I will be excited to find use for it when I get upgraded to C3D 2022.1. My only comment would be that it appears that the end structure does not show up in the Parts Output list. To truly go from start to end, the selected end structure should also appear in the output. Thanks again!

Good catch, I can add that :+1:

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see this

@hestingjj I’m going to leave this as-is. Here’s the reasoning.