Civil engineer and Dynamo

Hi everyone! I spend some time is Dynamo last month and most of all I made an every day routine a bit easier. Almost by using SetParameterByName nodes and some simple logic and math operators. But now, I want to go on.
Does anyone know what useful an Civil engineer can make with Dynamo?
Wright now I spend a lot of time drawing and drawing a Trusses in Revit, but this is very slow and contains some troubles like Truss nodes extansions. Does anyone have some solutions and ideas?

A lot, you’re unlikely to get a decent response to such a generic question.

Let’s see what you’ve done so far. Somebody might have suggestions on making them better and then you might develop it into something even better.

Let’s make it this way- does anyone use geometric elements and forms from Dynamo (some things based on curves and points) instead of using default Revit instruments. Perhaps the Trusses! Does anyone heard about Dynamo solution experience of this case?

The main goal- I still dont know what can I do if I continue to develop Dynamo for myself. There is a lot of examples of some basic things and some wow-things for architects, but not much exaples of Dynamo’s resault by civil engineers.

You can start by looking at this. I’m quite sure a more dedicated search will throw up more results

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You can create forms in Dynamo and use them in Revit. Look into the Direct Shape nodes from Dynamo Core and from SpringNodes. Once you have played around with those and have a good understanding of how they work, you can pull a good portion of Dynamo geometry that you create into Revit Families.


Have a look for Dynamo and bridge design. I saw something on that recently

Thanks, I will take a look at this.
Actually, for me it’s very fun to try to develop things in Dynamo. As I can see it’s very nice way to produce unique constructions in Revit.
But in everyday work of 99% constructors there is no such things.
For me, as a non programmer, it’s discuss about- “What is a better way for me, to make things that I will use regularly- the Family in Revit, or trying to make it by Dynamo.”

And there is another question. We use Dynamo for unique things- because it’s the better way to do this single task. I learn Dynamo and I know how it’s works, but my collegues don’t share this aspiration. I can spend a lot of time, and nobody except me can use it. For most of all it’s much easier to use Revit Familes, because it’s more understandable.