CIVIL Connection - Node Mass.ByShapesCreaseStations

Hi Paolo Emilio Serra , thank you for the great work and the sharing that you did of your Civil Connection package.
I tried to export to Revit a modeler made in CIVIL 3D of a wall. I attach the parametric section created with Subassembly Composer. The section consists of 2 shapes S1 and S2. With Civil I am able to export the solid perfectly as in the attached image. When I use the node Mass.ByShapesCreaseStations I get in Revit what is shown in the attached image. The adaptive families S1 and S2 that are created are as in the image. Can you tell me where I am going wrong? Thank you very much!

Translated with (free version)

Hi there…I had same issue, try to set Geometry Working Range to Medium