Civil 3D Toolkit Feedback thread


Does this replicate the OVERKILL command but without all of the additional options?

Yes it is a “dumb” version by design

@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 do we have any nodes to add network to profile views?

Dear @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 one more wish.
It would be great that possible to merge and split cells. it is for creation of header

@PankinAleksandr you can do it already, just provide a list of a single item for the header

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@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 and one more thing I ran into.
running the script again even after reopening the dynamo
it deletes the previously created table.

That behavior is by design, the Table is connected to Dynamo and I’m not going to change it.

ok, could you suggest me the way.
I need to create a couple of tables of different types in one drawing.
i suppose create different scripts, will it works?

this works

you can create the two tables in one graph taking advantage of the lacing or using two different nodes to keep the tables separate.

this is very dangerous, because you have no guarantee that it is going to create the copy before it deletes the original source! you need a pass through


Can we extract station from featureline? or am I missed some nodes to use…?

@Tino for a corridor featureline or normal featureline?

Normal featureline! :grinning:

Featureline stationing always starts at 0+00, so you can do it like this:


Wow! Awesome, so I did miss that node. Thanks you!

First time user here.
I’m trying to create a Legend from all layers in a drawing.
Is there any way to have the text after each LegendItem different from the actual layeritem’s layer?
I want all the texts in the legend to be white with a contineous linetype. But by default, the Legend.ToAutocad creates both the legend item and it’s description text on the same layer. Resulting in a very hard to read list of different colors and linetypes.

@RobertMansson welcome to the forum, simply replace the layer input in the LegendItem.ByLayerLinetypeScale with the layer that you want and you are done, for example with a string input or via code block. As a recommendation don’t try to guess what a node does as you did in this case, in fact your interpretation of what is happening in the node Legend.ToAutoCAD is not correct. Simply reach out for help saying you don’t know exactly how a node works. It avoids spreading wrong interpretations and you save others (yourself included) a ton of time, I’ll see if I can make the description of the node clear in future releases, thanks!

EDIT: I will change the behaviour to match your use case, it actually makes a lot of sense, so thanks again!


Hi @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1,

Would it be possible to create a selection node that would get any alignment as an input and then give us the possibility to select in a dropdown list a profile attached to this alignment?

It would be similar to this node but with a dropdown list in output?


@bertrand.savarit I was trying to do exactly that but I’m struggling to find time to investigate more about how to make it work now.