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How can you use these nodes in section - Navisworks?

Navisworks.dwg (934.9 KB)!AqZrweHw11Jogv8Q1d-Pth-dWtKhdQ?e=j1mZXg

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Thanks for all your hard work on this!


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I saw a video made by @safi.hage (can I share the link here Safi?)
I understand that in Civil 3D:

  • you create your list of viewpoints
  • you transform it to exchange (exchange.byviews)
  • you export it as xml (exchange.serializetoXML)

Then in Navisworks you inport your recorded viewpoints form your xml file.


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here is a video describing the process :
the workflow is the one described by @bertrand.savarit (merci :))
Folder name and content type are hard coded.


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Hi everyone,

I have problem with SetRimToSumpHeight node. I was trying to assign values to structures created in dynamo.
In Civil I get last value from list of all structures - node GetParameterByName shows this values.
Node RimToSumpHeight shows values which I want to assign, but they aren’t visible in Civil.
Changing lacing to longest doesn’t help.

Hi. Noob question here:
Why does my AlignmentExtensions.AddProfileBySurface output a “null” profile?
I’ve not fully learned how to work with lists/arrays when functions only want single objects as inputs, but after adding a bunch of “String from Array” I do not get any warning anymore, and the program runs. Yet I do not get a profile.

customary logfile:
dynamoLog_bc507616-33c2-4089-8707-e403e78d5a3e.txt (11.2 KB)

One suggestion would be to use AlignmentByName and SurfaceByName to get the specific objects that you want. Then you can use CivilObject.Name instead of creating strings from arrays.

Also, the log file you posted looks to be the Dynamo log and not the specific log for the Civil 3D Toolkit. Go to the temp folder (Run -> %temp%) and look for Autodesk_Civil3DToolkit.log.

Happy and healthy new year to all of you! I was using the time between they years to explore the functionallity of Dynamo and after short time of usage I really could add a lot of benefit for my work when I found the great and helpful C3D Toolkit extension.

In my examples I often get some unexpected behaviour of arc’s from polylines or feature lines using the nodes PolylineExtensions.ObjectByGeometry and FeatureLine.ByPolycurve. The geometry taken from the drawing into Dynamo seems to be properly created, I often get different results for arc segments in the output. Any idea why this happen? I have created one example attached.

I’m using Civil3D 2021 (Produktversion: 13.3.2105.0 Civil 3D 2021.2 Update Erstellt mit: R. 118.0.0 AutoCAD 2021.1 Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D 2021.0.1 AutoCAD Architecture 2021) and the current version fo the C3DToolkit 1.1.17

ARC_Behaviour.dyn (27.7 KB)

Sample drawing and Logfile

Thank’s in advance


The log file is not from 1.1.17, at least data is missing, I’ll take a look but as usual, the bulge values for the arcs seem ok for some arcs and completely wrong for others, needless to say that the formula I’m using should be ok otherwise ALL the arcs would be wrong. Still a mystery

Thank you for your reply! Sorry, the initial script was created with 1.1.16 and I took just parts of it to create that example.

Autodesk_Civil3DToolkit.txt (192 KB)

@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 DYNRoute_VISIrellee_liste.dyn (761.2 KB)


I ran a test on the VisibilityChecks.ByAlignmentProfile node, and i found some issues.

the visible lines generated by the node are not exactly the same then the ones generated by the Civil 3d tool (To Calculate Sight Distance Along a Corridor | Civil 3D 2019 | Autodesk Knowledge Network)

  • The elevation of the start point does not respect the eye height parameter
  • And the elevation of the end point is not calculated from the surface but from the elevation of the profile

The length of obstructed lines is always equal to minDistance parameter, wich is not the behavior of civil3D tool.

Could it possible to that node to have the same behavior (and same results) that the civil3D tool?

I join my dyn test files.

Thanks.DYNRoute_VISIrellee_liste.dyn (761.2 KB)

@frederic.duhart You are free not to use the node because as far as I’m concerned it is working as designed.

1.1.18 is out, it should fix that behavior


@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 I don’t understand your answer….
Do you mean that the node does not have the same behavior then the civil 3D tool?

I can admit it but could you explain how it works?


Perfect, thank you very much for your efforts!

@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 @mzjensen

Having trouble getting PolylineExtensions.GetVertices to work. What am I doing wrong here? I just have two simple polylines selected for input.

dynamoLog_5ab87280-a9d6-431f-81dd-95ebc8b7f951.txt (40.0 KB)

Screenshot (4)

@hestingjj has the DWG a Coordinate System defined? Which one is it? that is not the Log file I need, it is in the temporary folder and refers to the Civil 3D Toolkit (read many many many posts where I ask people to attach the log file where to find it, thanks).

Do you have any idea how to solve this problem?