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I just started trying to learn Dynamo with Civil 3d. I have found a script online that would be very useful but the script has this error:

I am too new Dynamo understand why this is or how I can fix it. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi @Paul.Graf,

That node is from a custom package that isn’t included by default when you first install/launch Dynamo. The package is called the Civil 3D Toolkit. You can download it by going to Packages → Search for a Package.

You can read more about packages on the Dynamo Primer:


Thanks mzjensen,
It’s you script that I am trying to use. I believe I do have this package installed. Thank you for this!

Can you make sure you have the latest Dynamo update installed? It should be in the Autodesk Desktop App.

Also, what version of the Civil3DToolkit do you have installed? If a script was created with a newer package version, then you could get those unresolved nodes. You can check the version by going to Packages → Manage Packages. The current version of the Toolkit is 1.1.28.

Here is what I have.

Screenshot 2021-07-08 153133
Screenshot 2021-07-08 153221

Dynamo is out of date (even though it says otherwise), so make sure you get that updated as well.

Can’t help you there :wink:

Below is what you’re looking for. This is a screenshot from

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I finally got the latest Dynamo update installed. It fixed the previous errors. I now get an out error that I don’t understand when run the script.

This error is confusing because the program is just trying to change a surface style, but the error “talks about” CrossingPressurePipeProfileLabel?

If I am understanding this group of code correctly it is suppose to change all surfaces with the style name of “Standard” to the “THC-1 and 5”. Is it possible to use a wildcard in the Existing Surface Style to change all the surfaces in the drawing to a specific style name, regardless of the existing surface style. Or more simply put change all surfaces in the drawing to one specific style?


Paul (Civil 3d 2020)

I seemed to fix the error by added quotes & a semicolon to the style names. I also pared down the script to just change the surface style. Now when I run it it says “Run Completed”, but the style has not changed. The new style is in my current drawing. Any help would be appreciated.


Make sure you have the latest updates for Civil 3D 2020 (I think the latest is 2020.6). If it still happens after updating, then it might be a bug, but @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 would need to confirm.

You could file an issue here for tracking if updating Civil 3D doesn’t solve the problem: