Civil 3D crash when reading objects next to alignment

Hello, been playing around whit Dynamo in Civil 3D, and trying to use the node AlignmentExtensions.GetStationOffsetElevationByPoint the get the position of objects along an alignment. The problem I have is when multiple objects have an offset value of zero.

I am able to read one object at time, reciving the correct station, elevation and an offset value of zero. However, if I have multiple objects, two or more, with an offset value of zero. Then Civil 3D will crash and close. The object I’m using is a blockreference made up of 3D solids.

The picture shows the position of a singe object. The node BlockReferenceExtensions.GetInsertionPoint consist of every point of the objects I am trying to read, all of them are placed with an offset value of zero. If I connect this node to AlignmentExtensions.GetStationOffsetElevationByPoint Civil3D crashes.

Do someone know what is causing the crash? Everything is fine as long as the objects have an offset value that is not equal to zero.