Chop node makes unexpected list

I have a problem. when I use Chop node and the first list is empty, an unusual “Empty List” occurs, such as the yellow underling of a picture and destroys the data structure. I don’t know why it happen… please let me know. thanks you

Hi @Chan

You have to look at what you’re feeding your nodes, garbage in = garbage out, you cannot chop lists in a length of 0, that is non-existing.

Please do read the Dynamo Primer cover to cover:
We have all started from there, and it can answer all of your most basic questions :slight_smile:

Maybe List.Chop+ from Clockwork can help

Hi Jonathan! Thank you for always good advice. I’ve read the Premier but it’s not solved.

The reason why I ask like this to solve below logic.

When the first length is 0, the Chop node creates a higher Empty List(as I uploaded before), as shown in image A. But what I want is a data structure excluding the top Empty List. Can i use the If node to return the original data structure regardless of the Lengths in Chop? Like image B.


Perhaps using the If node to replace 0 in your chop lengths list provides the outcome you’re after?


Fantastic! It’s exactly what i want! Thank you Awilliams!!

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