List.Chop problem


I’m trying to cut a list with a list of lengths. But there is a “0” in this list of lengths that is causing problems, as can be seen in the image below. Does anyone know a way to get the expected result? (Desired List)?


I assume this is an example scenario. Can you show and explain what you’re actually trying to do in your graph? There might be a better solution.


Hi @tiagocorradi

Is this what you need?


You forgot the script. :stuck_out_tongue:


List.Chop+ in Clockwork can produce empty sublists


@PauLtus Usually i don’t forget anything :wink: i was just making sure if OP is looking the same. As soon as OP replies i will share the python. @Andreas_Dieckmann node is also another possible solution here.


Thank you all for the replies. List.Chop+ worked perfectly

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Thank you. Even Though @Andreas_Dieckmann node works, could you share your python script? I would like to see how you did it.