If condition Node - If Empty List

If Empty List then feed None Found to Watch Node coming back to Dynamo Player.
I tried IsEmpty as well as Clockworks IsNotEmpty… both are not right.


If nodes don’t like empty lists. It’s the same issue as using two inputs with mismatched lengths. In your case, the true input has a length of 1 but the false input has a length of 0.

You can use ScopeIf+ from Clockwork or make your own logic.


Null is something else.

Top of head, could you try the ootb node “object null”. That returns a true / false.

Try making a dictionary from the watch node. Make the key name it ‘results’ and the if statement would be:

List.Count(ElemList) != 0?
‘Nothing to see here’;

It may not work, but I have been amazed by what I can pass around with this new data structure.

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Thanks @Nick_Boyts

ScopeIf+ from Clockwork worked.
(I did try your other other suggestion but didn’t find it to work)