Checking number of Dynamo users within organization

Hi everyone! Being interested in metrics I was just wondering if someone is willing to share their best and easiest way to measure the number of active Dynamo users within an organization.

Log every script run in a database


firewall logs ? (pretty sure Dynamo pings a particular url when it fires up)


A method for logging every graph runned was exposed in this thread :


Any sort of “backend” solution that are not dependent on actually having a tracker in the scripts themselves?

You could look into Extensions for this kind of thing I believe! The workshop we participated here in London, run by @Racel and @Michael_Kirschner2 was awesome and showcased huge potential within the Dynamo sphere.

The extension would simply become a part of every user’s build inside your office and you can ping the Dynamo API to execute a logging function upon run.


You could “access” the logs folder on all your users computers and record the modify date, if this is within a certain scope they can be deemed “active-users”. This way you’d get an overview of active users within the organisation, the data collection might be better collected using a batch script or likewise, though it would require domain admin access for you to access your domain computers (also this method only works for active computers, and might be better implemented into a logon-script.

Parsing all journals would work. Could also let you know the player uses va the standard uses.

So to expand on my very short frist reply: I recommended the database approach because it will give you the most bang for your buck. You can record whether a graph has run successfully, whether it was cancelled, how much time users spent in the UI (if you’re using Data-Shapes or similar) in order to get a better sense of the actual execution time. That is information that you will only be able to get from the graph itself. If you don’t need that much information but would still like to get some metrics about the graph and the environment, I would go with @solamour 's approach. If you just want to know how often Dynamo or Player was launched I would recommend writing a small addin that just keeps track of when those commands were launched. Below is a list of what I record about script usage.


Sorry for my late response. Thank you all for your insights! For now I think the log-file approach is the easiest and most low hanging for us, so we start by following that line of thought.