Tracking Dynamo Launches - for collecting usage across firm

Part of my role in my firm is increasing the usage of computational tools. I would like to be able to track usage across my firm. I have developed several dynamo scripts for people to use where I use the Dynaweb package to track the script usage - it works great.

However, what our IT cannot figure out is how to track straight up Dynamo usage or launches. I want to know when people launch Dynamo to create their own script, Not just when they use a premade script from the library.

We have tried 2 tools to track programs that run with no success:

  1. (which we no longer use)
  2. Windows Desktop UX Monitoring- Liquidware Stratusphere UX (our current solution)

It appears that Dynamo shows up as a ‘CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess’ in windows explorer, but there are also a few other processes with the identical name so I’m not sure how to isolate that specific process as ‘Dynamo’.

How is your company tracking Dynamo launches/usage? Is there a specific process or dll or something that we can try to track that would always be Dynamo?

A hackathon project called Binolculars somewhat works. London Hackathon: Binoculars - Dynamo BIM.

This will track the regular Dynamo use nicely in a Google sheet. I wanted to also capture Dynamo Player info and this does not do that. I have been trying to get a demo of which looks promising for the player tracking.

Other than that we have roled our own package to embed in all our graphs to track the Dynamo Player uses. This sends the data to our own database server.


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Binoculars doesn’t seem to work in Revit 2022 :frowning:

Its’ too bad because I did some tests with it in 2019 and 2020 and it’s awesome. It gives me more data than i would even want :slight_smile:

I have Binoculars working in 2022. I just tested to be sure.

US 2019.2 Copy Project Info Rev 2 2021-07-27 3:17:17
US 2022 BinocularsLogging22 2021-07-27 3:17:23

We did nothing but copy the packages to the correct folder for Dynamo 2.10