Checking if Conduit Network in Current View have Tags if Not Highlight the Conduit Network in View

Firstly thank you ahead for the support. I a new in Dynamo and in the community so feel free to let me know if this post is following the proper standards (I can’t upload files because I am new in the community, but I can send upon request via e-mail if it would help).

I am trying to create a dynamo script or flow chart that will check if all conduit network in Active View (not the ones from linked files) have Tags. If not, dynamo will highlight the conduit with a different color and increase the line weight to 6.

I tried multiple scripts without success, but the problem I am facing in my current script is:

  • How to identify missing tags in entire conduit network with exception of Junction Boxes? One of the script (Trial 1) gives me the conduits without tags but do not consider the network, so if one conduit has a tag but then there is a bend and another conduit it will show that is missing tag in this bend and other conduit, but the tag is the same. One exception would be Junction Boxes, if there is a JB then we would need another tag in the next conduit.

  • How to not consider the conduits coming from Links? I just want to check for Tags in Conduits that are in the current view and not linked.

  • How to take out elements from a Nested List and Compare them (Trial 3)?

If it is not possible or too overcomplicate to do all of this. Could you please just help me taking the Script from Trial 1 and highlighting with Color and Lineweight 6 the conduit with missing Tags? I tried one script that I found but it didn’t work for me): Highlighting 'Untagged' Elements in Revit using Dynamo

Thanks again for all the help, support and time.

Hi @cirohenrique14,
Welcome to the Dynamo community.

Try this: Color Override Untagged Runs.dyn (38.2 KB)

I’m not quite sure if I can help you with the JB issue but share a sample file and I can take a look into it.