Color Conduit thats not connected in both ends

Hello everyone. I’m new to Dynamo, so bear with me.
I try to get dynamo to color the electrical conduit, that are not connected. But stuck.
Someone who can / will help. Please :slight_smile:

Anyone ??

You’ll need to show a bit more of your graph, nobody is going to guess what all those inputs are and what you goal is.
Here is one way to query all conduits that aren’t connected on either side though:

Hi T-Pover

Thanks for your reply.
I had to use “list all true” insted. But that did the job.
Fore some reason, the “list all false” and the “list all true” did not show the same result.
“List all false”, show 1 false and “list all true” show 2 which is correct.

Thank you for your help. :pray::100:


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