Checking for or Finding Inplace In-Place families in Dynamo

Sorry for the Inplace In-Place double, just helping google. So I am trying to check a set of families to find out if any are inplace families. There doesn’t appear to be a custom node for this yet, but Clockwork deals with Roofs and Walls, and if I feed some other Category into them they seem to always report true. Is it difficult to build a inplace test node that deals with elements of any Category?

This is the Clockwork node, for reference:
wall inplace

There’s a better (or at least more universal) method: not looking at the family instance nor the family type but rather the family itself:


Here’s how you would use it:


I’ll make this node available in the next Clockwork update but for now you could just use the Python code. In the case of the Clockwork nodes you’re mentioning this workflow wouldn’t work so well because a list of walls or roofs would likely contain real walls or roofs (i.e. system families). And system families will make the FamilyInstance.Symbol node crash. That’s why I had to devise a different way of checking lists of walls or roofs. But the above code is good for all lists of placeable families.

I also had to restrict my selection to certain categories so that the nodes could resolve a Family from the Elements (instances).