RVT-DYN - place all the types of a specific family into a view


first post here,

I have been trying to place all the types of a specific family into a view but ended up quickly in a dead end.

I can place an specific instance any number of time as below but I can’t get it to sort all my family types and throw it on the view

any help would be much appreciated.




I can’t find any built-in nodes to grab every Type of a Family (and what you and I as Revit users consider a Type and what Dynamo considers a Type aren’t necessarily the same thing… at least not for this purpose).

You might be able to use a Python node to do this but that’s way beyond me right now.


Hi guys, this works with nodes available in the package manager. Some Python involved though. Key point is to use the combine node.

DYN place FI array

almost there

where did you get your builtinCategory selector?

any chance you post your solution?



oh yeah,

ça marche

it is alive


It took the latest version of Dynamo! to get the category selector




I haven’t used the Combine node yet but it looks like you’re using it for iterative work. Before I saw this example I would have thought to make a custom node iterating through the Create Family Instance with both lists. If I can use the Combine node instead it’s going to save me a lot of work… I find myself needing to iterate through a list/sublist every time I turn around.

Combine ( I often forget it), Compose and Map are Must-Use nodes.

Wow, I’d never have thought you could use the Combine node in such an ingenious way! Thanks for the info, Julien.

Yes, I’m starting to see that.

Before I started figuring out the Map node I was making a lot of custom IF nodes to iterate through lists, making booleans and filtering by them… that’s a lot more work than using a Map node!