Check if solids created by dynamo intersect with each other

So I’m pretty new to dynamo, I want to create a script to run clash detection of rebars with each other, i have tried using element.geometry to get the rebar geometry but it always returned empty list. So I tried to create solids ( circle running along rebar curve to form a solid) to get a work around. Now is there a way to get geometry of these new solids to check if they intersect? or in general is there way to run rebar clash detection?

Hi @rajeshjamariya16 is it something here you are after ?

Hi, this seems to be it, but I have a few bars clashing right through each other but the geometry.intersectall node returned nothing.

Something with prune duplicates seems to be better…

Try this one here…
forum.dyn (34.0 KB)

and if it still give issue then try share a test rvt you work on…

PS sometimes it can give surfaces instead of solids if two solids clashes on tangent

Still returns an empty list, attached is the revit file for your test. thanks

thanks…is something here better ? I will just mention so many solid vs solid clashes its a little bit tough for dynamo, i guess i would do it in naviswork or solibri…and then import these clashpoint

forum.dyn (43.3 KB)

Thanks, to reduce clash points I reduced rebar dia by 1 but then List.groupByKey had an error. I’m just trying to create a timesaving solution within Revit. I guess I’ll have to spend more time understanding what these errors are! :sweat_smile: and How this works! Thanks!

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Yeah try play around with it…good for practice :wink:

and as you see many gives point its becoarse these clashes is on tangent

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