Check if points are inside spaces

Hi, I have some points and I need to check if they are inside some spaces, but there is a catch, almost all spaces are not high enough to reach the ceiling, so the points could be between the space and the ceiling. I have tried with elevating the boundaryboxes (corrispondig to the spaces) to the ceiling, but some spaces have a non-rectangular shape so this approach is wrong. The building is on 2 levels. How can i achieve this?

Hello and welcome…could something help…

I think your code has the aim to find spaces with ceiling and spaces with no ceiling, but my question was different. I have a list of points and i need to know in which space they are in, but in the project the spaces have a height smaller that the ceiling level, so if a point is a little above a space and below the ceiling, that point will not be considered in the space.

yeps thats actuelly what i try to show :wink: try see what i do :wink: good luck

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