Check floors/slabs below each room

Dear all,

Haven’t found such topic, so posting. Maybe some of You has got a solution.

I need a script that checks which type of floor (slab) is below each room (Room object).
Got a big model with 900+ rooms. Every room has two actual floor slabs beneath (one for construction core of slab, and top one with finishes only. Some finishes slabs extend below multiple rooms.

I need to fill an parameter in each of the Rooms with the type name of the first slab below that room.

It could work like this:

  • take center of each room
  • extend line/curve downwards from each center to the intersection with first encountered floor slab
  • read type name of this slab
  • fill in a specified element parameter in Room object

This doesn’t seem like super hard work but i’m total noob when it comes to geometric functions of Dynamo.

Thank You in advance for Your help.

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@ptasznick ,

check out data shapes… you can use roomlocation point “send” Rays to floors and ceilings! to get infos from your elements surrounding your rooms…



Seems helpful. Will have a look at that.