Channel corridor from Civil 3D to Revit

Hi. I’ve created a channel corridor and it kinda looks good enough. What I need to do now is create pass that geometry to Revit so I can add the necesary rebar. I know I should the Civil Connection package but I’m not sure how to use it yet. Where can I get information on that? Anyone has tried something similar? Thanks. Best regards.
PD: I’m attaching the Civil 3D file with my channel. Prueba_Canal_Chepen.dwg (2.0 MB)

@raul.07.11 check the GitHub, there is an example that covers exactly this use case.


You’re right. I’ve trid using the [01]Model_Create loft with sample lines_Shapes_2.0_DP that comes with Civil Connection but for some it didn’t work. But using the graph you shared I get the geometry. Thank you.
I see that your model has more sections. Is there a recomendation for the frequency in the corridor or just depends on me? Also, I know this is not the place to ask for this, but how should I add rebar now? Thank you so much for CivilConnection and your help.

it’s easier for the rebar if you keep the segments every 10m