Civil Connection Create Empty Solid from Corridor in Civil 3D

I am using Civil Connection in Revit 2020. As the following, i create an empty solid in my Revit Project file. civil connection to solid.dyn (62.4 KB)

I dont know why the civil connection cannot create the loft from my Corridor.
The Civil 3d file is too large, i upload to google drive: test.dwg

@petitckc I don’t see any subassembly shape in your file, can you add one and that contains a shape and try again?

Sorry for upload the wrong file. I re-upload the dwg in the Google Drive.

Have you installed CivilPython as written in the user guide? It works fine for me

yes, i installed CivilPython. Civil 3d show as the following:

But the Revit 2020 still show nothing: