Changing viewport types of schedules

So in the never-ending search for a way to purge excess viewport types in a new template, I have found that schedules imported from other projects bring random viewport types with them. Except that there is no way that I can see to change the viewport type of a schedule.
Does anyone know what I’m talking about and have you also been trying to fix this ? This less than useful Revit Forum post ( basically just says to ignore it and move on… Is this irretrievably broken ?


The type isn’t random, it’s the type that was assigned to the schedule in the other project. You may be happier by recreating the schedule in your template instead of using the one which is brought in.

I hear you Jacob. But I have a lot of schedules and little time. I’m probably going to bitch and moan for a while and then do exactly what you said. But I still want to know why schedules even have a Viewport type assigned to them when it does literally nothing. They don’t get view titles and the viewport type is not able to be changed. All it accomplishes, after 10 years of copy pasting stuff from project to project, is to create an unholy mess which I now need to set fire to and walk away from. And it’s not even a fun fire. It’s literally the most dismal, boring and anticlimactic fire in the history of arson. But here I am, burning down my stupid template and starting over. From scratch. Recreating every one of these damn schedules… I might as well be doing TPS reports… Yeaaaaahhhhhh.


Pure speculation here, but a possiblereason for the viewport type is because there are only a limited number of items which can be placed on sheets - with some annotations and viewport types among them. To be placed in a sheet, they need some kind of sub-type (just like views do), and instead of muddying the database with a ‘schedule type’ element being introduced which actually does nothing but allow reference to a schedule, they re-used the existing view type.

This is the sort of thing which could make a good request on the Revit Ideas station, although you should expand it to provide a function beyond ‘my fire is boring.’

Add in a request for something like the ability to filter by row to highlight elements, so that as a designer of multi-use buildings you can easily apply visual filters to the same schedule to more clearly indicate what uses are being shown on a given plan. Picture highlighting use of an area and the value in the schedule on the same printout, but not having that highlight applies to the next page.

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im dealing with the same issue, but i think i found a way around it and it works,

copy all your schedules and paste them into a blank revit file, then rename the viewports to what you have in your main template. in my case it was “Section 1” that i didnt want and i changed it to “No Title” that i have in my template.

in your main template, use dynamo and get element id of that viewport that you dont want, and delete it, ( it would delete all the schedules). so now you only have the proper viewports that you want.

now you can copy all those schedules from that blank file and paste it into your template, and all the viewports match.

sorry that it’s 5 years late, but i hope it helps others.