Changing System Families


I need to change one system family to another, is this possible?

I have a pipe system drawn in copper but I need to change it to steel. I can do this for the fittings by swapping out the families but can’t seem to change the pipe as its a system family.

Any idea’s

Thanks for any help in advance

You can change a system family by changing its System Type with SetParameterByName. The parameter value is the new piping system type.

Like this:

Hi guys,

Thanks for all your help, it’s much appreciated and this works great but what I would like to do is something similar to the sketch below.

I need to be able to fix the types by name as I will be using this graph in multiple projects that may have more or less pipe systems in them. Is this possible?

I hope I’m making sense.

Thanks again

Do you want to search for a pipe type by name and then replace it with another pipe type by name?

Yes that’s the goal, but I would like to use a name as opposed to a number from a list as lists may vary from project to project.


Guys, found my answer here in another thread answered by Kulkul

Thanks for all your help!