Changing Schedule Text Using a Dynamo Script

Hi There! New to Dynamo and Revit and I’m working on a task of Schedule automation. I’m trying to create a script that recognizes some features of my Schedule and reacts by updating others. Example: If in Room 3-1-CC , the Floor Finish is type MAR-1 and the Ceiling Finish is type PAINT, make the skirting type to be type MAR-5.

I had no difficulty processing the data from the schedules and generating a script that recognizes where these determined relationships occur, but i can find no way to write back into the schedule from Dynamo. Exploring the forums, from what i understand, it’s not exactly possible to directly change the schedule Dropdowns from Dynamo. Is this correct or am i understanding something wrong? Is there another way to do my task? Thanks Alot!

It’s important to remember what schedules are… views of element data.

You’re not actually trying to modify part of the schedule in this case. You need to modify the elements represented in the schedule. You should be able to use All Elements in Active View to get the actual model elements shown in your schedule. Then check each one for these relationships and apply the result back to the element.


Hey Nick, thanks for the reply!

So from what i understand, these fields that i want to change were just created as new Parameters in the Schedule, meaning they are not linked to an element or family in the model.


The parameter type was set as text and the values were typed in manually.

So i cannot refer to and edit any elements in the model, what i need to do is find a way to write a script or a program that changes the dropdowns, based on these relationships i wrote about above(If East Wall== FIN-1 & West Wall== CER-03 : Skirting = Wood) .

Nicholas.Jacobson seems to have had a similar issue in this post.

Seems like the replies to his query also advise him to refer to actual elements in the model, but in both the cases of Nicholas and me, these elements do not exist. Wondering if you found a solution to your problem without linking those sheets Nicholas.Jacobson.

Are these fields (West Wall) coming from a Key Schedule? Or area they actual Revit Materials? I’m guessing from a key schedule based on the way it looks.