Changing Position and Thickness of Wall in the same script

Hello everybody,

Im trying to change the Position and the Thickness of a Wall Element in the same Script.

When changing only one at a time the script works fine, but when attempting to change both at the same run revit is not able to do so:

Error message: The constraint are not satisfied

For the change of the wallthickness im using the Clockwork node as suggested in this post:

Try using a Transaction.End and then Transaction.Start node between the two functions.

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Thanks for your answer.

There is no connection between those 2 function as they both end in setting the values.
So i dont know where to put those Transaction nodes exactly.

I tried to get a Connection between those 2 functions but i still get the same error.

Can you try the “Passtrough” node? or “Await” from Orchid package.

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Thanks @SeanP and @Deniz_Maral this made it work:

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