Changing Phases - Only one element per run?


I am having a strange issue with a script I built yesterday. The goal of the script it to grab all objects of certain categories and swap them to the Existing phase. It also spits out a count of all objects as well as a count of the objects that needed to be swapped.

When run, it correctly filters out the objects that need to be swapped but it only swaps a single element each pass. Can anyone spot why that would be? Below is a picture and file of the script in question. Below it is a simplified script that is working, it just doesn’t filter out objects that dont need to be swapped.

ChangeElementsToExisting.dyn (17.8 KB)

ChangeElementsToExistingSimplified.dyn (6.7 KB)

Try setting the node’s lacing to longest.

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@viktor_kuzev That worked. Thank you!