Start / end transaction replace element after runing code

helow all,
have a problem i used the code based on Dieter Vermeulen element view generator.
did a liltle addapt so i can use it with windows elements.
the problem is when i run the code from the start it deletes the last section vviews it created.
the only solustion i came up with: save and close the revit file, and run the script again.

dose eny one have a beter one for this?
thanks pepole!!

i have attached the rvt and dyn
ElementSectionViewtest13.dyn (92.4 KB)

is there anybody out there…?

come on people wake up!!


Maybe you could try to use Input.Wait form SpringNodes?
this could help to complete part of code before you start next step. However with creating and deleting elements I also close and open.

See this post as well - this is really the crux of the issue. Close and open does not always work for handling this problem either.

Thanks Ben, realize it’s a commen topic
With lots of digging… I will try use the info
All get back…
"Excuse me while I kiss the sky…"