Changing Phase of existing schedules in the project

Is it possible to change the Phase of a schedule with Dynamo? I can’t find a node to select the schedules. I need somekind of a element type of the schedules. I just started with Dynamo so i’m a newby. I have a lot of schedules in my template and changing all teh Phases one by one takes a lot of time. Hope someone can help my out. Thanks.


Schedules don’t have a Phase Created / Phase Demolished, just Phase. And even then, only certain schedule categories have Phase.

Take a look at the template of the Revit Standards Foundation. You can find it on It has for every family and system family’s schedules and material takeoffs. Every shedule has a Phase instance property. To change them all is quit a bit of work.

Correct. I’m saying that you’re trying to get Phase Created which doesn’t exist for schedules. The correct parameter is Phase.

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Thanks, I will try it later when i have more time. It’s not working well. Every beginning is hard! :slight_smile:

Oeps sorry, it works! I