Changing Floor Plan Name Correspond to its Sub-Discipline

I want to change only Floor Plan View Names in System template to “Floor View Name+Sub-discipline” (e.g. 01-FloorHVAC).
First by helping SteamNode package I tried to filter Floor Plan View from the View Category then by Get ParameterValue, I seprated View Name and Sub-Discipline. however in the last step when I want to set these value to Floor Plan View name is showing the error (Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed. No parameter found by that name.)
Anyone could guide me what did I do wrong?

Hi @a_jalal I hope you were well.

I recommend you to use the node “Views.SetName”. There is no a parameter related with the name of the view, the name is an intrinsic property of the View, but it is not a parameter, and that is what it causing you the problem.

I’ve made a little example following your script where you can check the name it is changed correctly.

ONE MORE THING! You must connect ONLY your filtered elements to the Views.SetName node! There was another mistake in your routine because you were connecting all the views to the set name node.

I hope to have solved your problem! Regards

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Thanks a lot, it’s working now. :pray:

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