ODBC share

@ hi Y’all
When i export the complete Revit database to ODBC to excel i notice that (for example) the Walls get a reference to the Wall Types table by an Id (Type Id).
When i map this parameter to the Wall itself by a Shared Parameter i get the option to Tag it.
This value in the drawing (Tagged) gives me the option to mention this value in BOQ and Tender Specifications leaving no room to misinterpret.

just a BIM-thought, and sharing is caring :slight_smile:
I will elaborate if you want me to.
(This one needs to sink in)


Sounds interesting… could you share some screendumps showing it?
I have not thought about this before, but if it is exportable via odbc, then it might be available through the API as well… just a thought :slight_smile:

Hi @Marcel_Rijsmus! Is this the same id, or are you looking for something else?

Hi @Einar_Raknes

If you have an ODBC export in excel and look for Wall Types you will find an Id.
This same Id is mentioned in the table of the Walls under Type Id, making the relation to the Wall Type.
So if you map this Id to the Wall instances in a Shared Parameter you can Tag it along with the rest of your info about that Wall therefor making it distinguishable to Walls that look the same but arent.
In your BOQ you can mention this Id again as in the Tender Documents.
Lets say we have a Wall thats insulation with a thickness of 100mm and another Wall of insulation that gets glued to the other Wall making it a bit more expensive. You couldn’t tell the difference on paper but this Id helps.