Change Workset ID

When I receive models from consultants I run dynamo to put certain items on shared levels and grids so I can turn them off easily in my model.
Some models I receive are not set up to be a central model, so I do so so I can dynamo to clean things up.
The problem is the ID is different every time I do this on the same model when I get an update.
So when I reload the model the workers that were turned off get reset.

How do I change the ID of a workset so I can keep it consistent when repeatedly create a workshare model each time i get an update.

I can’t seem to get the actual ID or change it:

Not sure I would use this workflow as I recall that worksets with matching names at creation use the visibility status of the workset they were created in. Try to create the worksets in your model using a Dynamo graph, and then use the same graph on the received model(s). Link the received models into the usual ‘linked file’ workset, and then try toggling the visibility of the workset in your model rather than the links.

My memory may be wrong, but if not you’ll save a LOT of headaches as there is no way to assign element ID after creation - this and the GUID are only modifiable by the system and at creation.

Thanks that worked! I had forgotten about how turning off a workset with the same name turns off elements in a linked model.

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