Workset Swap

Hi all,

I am looking to do the following:

  • Select an element
  • Select all elements of family type
  • Get what workset they are on
  • Choose a new workset

this is what I have so far:

Element.SetParameterByName with the list of elements, the parameter name ‘workset’ and the Element.Id of the workset you want them in will move elements into a workset. Need a lot more info to help you figure how to tell dynamo which elements go to which workset.

how do you get the “Element.Id” of the workset you want to push them to?

Depends on what you’re trying to do. I need more info to help you out. Upload a screenshot and a better description of how you want to decide the worksets.



When you look at a list with a Watch-node and you see numbers in green next to the items in the list.
Those are the ID’s. As long as your list contains those numbers you can use it to set a parameter by id.
Element.Name gives you the name of the workset.
Use item at index to select it and set.


So i have several models. this particular one is a Structural one. not everything was modeled on the correct workset, or sometimes i need to break up the model when the object sets become too unyielding. i want to be able to select an object or objects and me be able to push them all to another workset.

This will help you get the right value to push in there.

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ok, awesome! i will try this a little later. putting out fires :frowning: