Change width-factor of text

Hello Dynos,

I do update modells from 2016 to 2018. So all my annotations are changed regarding the width.
How can i avoid that or just accses all my annotations to change the parameter width-factor

particulary in sheets is this a problem. A lot of texts are framed and right now the overpass lines and other texts.

Does anybody have a solution



For things like text notes, Width Factor are a type parameter so you can access it this way:

(note that for Element.GetParameterValueByName, you can use both Family and Type parameter, both will return the TextNoteType)

Edit: the better method is to just get all TextNoteTypes and edit it that way:

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Thanks… it works for simple text.

I cant access wall and door annotations, because the texttype is in the annotation-familiy.

Is there a way?

Can i access it via API?

If the text is nested in another family and the parameter hasn’t been made into a family parameter, then you will have to open the family and modify it there. This is possible with API but can be tricky to find the correct object (tags use labels) and is pretty slow.

For example, you would have to open the tag family, find the label family inside it, get the type of that label, and then edit the Width Factor parameter on the label type. Then load the tag family back into the project. It is doable though.

Ok, I have to accept my destiny

So I gave it a quick try and this seems to work:
changenestedlabel.dyn (11.3 KB)
Ignore the bad naming, it changes specifically the width factor on labels nested in familys (typically tags use labels for it). I also haven’t error tested it, if an error happens it just results in a false.

I am about to leave the office for the night but let me know if it works or what errors you get.


It just worked ones, only for the structural colum annotations…

Try running it again. I just tried it like an hour ago to see if it was working and on the first run I got the same error but the 2nd run it worked fine.