Change the transparency of the glasses of all windows

Hello everyone.
I would like to adjust the transparency of the glasses of a model in all views (elevations, sections, perspectives, etc …).
I’ve been trying to touch the material parameters but I can not change the model in revit.
Does anyone know how I could do this? Thank you

you could try to use the node Element.OverrideTransparencyInView by clockwork package.
obviously you might need to filter and manage elements and views before to apply this

The problem with doing that is that all the window glass and frame, becomes transparent, and I just want it to be glass that is changed.
Thank you

Hi @smorapiz

If you want only glass transparency to be changed you need to extract glazed from your curtain wall.

Dyn file Glass.dyn (6.9 KB)

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It might be easier to collect all of the unique transparent materials from your elements and set their transparency to your desired value, because Revit does not allow the override of only specific parts of an element:




Thank you all. Something like what you say is what I had tried, and I get change transparency in the 3D view, but I could not change in elevations and sections.
In fact, 3D views transparency changes rapidly changing transparency revit material, without using dynamo.
Thanks again.

I don’t think that revit has ever supported transparency in elevations and sections. The most common solution is to hide the “glass” extrusion for those views:

Thank you very much for answering.
Indeed it seems that is as you say.
I’ll try to hide the glasses, but it’s what I want. I would like to insinuate the background, not see it clearly

This discussion i was involved in a while ago might help re the transparency in elevation