Setting point Cloud transparency in revit

Hello everyone, I have a problem in controlling the visibility (Transperancy) of the point Cloud within Revit environment , this feature is easily found in AutoCad, I don’t know why Revit doesn’t have such a thing , would anybody help ?

you can override single colour….which is light colure like that… :slight_smile:

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good idea but i want something more effective :+1:

Point-cloud transparency cannot be adjusted with Dynamo at this time, due to the limitations of the rendering in Revit.

One way to reduce the visual impact of the point-cloud data in Revit is to reduce point numbers by space or Octree in the linked file. This can be done to some extent within Autodesk Recap when point-clouds are indexed to .rcs files, but for further procesing options external software would need to be used.

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Thank you what are the examples of these software?

Best to start with Cloudcompare :wink: