Change the scale width and height of an material texture

Hi everybody,
I’m creating materials from an excel file and using the "Material Change Image and Edit it” node, from GeniusLoci package, to add the textures of the materials. Everything seems to work fine, but the final measurements of the materials are not what I specified. Can anyone solve this?

What values are you specifying? It’s hard to guess what’s going wrong without seeing your inputs .

Is it possible that this is a units issue. e.g. node is expecting imperial and you’re entering metric or vice versa? Or if you’re in 22/23 then I believe there’s some changes to units to ForgeTypeIDs.

I am extracting the values ​​from an excel file. However, there are different values ​​for each material, but the result obtained by dynamo is the same value for all materials (this value was not in the excel). I tried converting to imperial system, but it didn’t work.


The node has already been updated for Revit 2022/2023.
There is no need to do any unit conversion since it is already built into the code.

It seems more related to this post :

According to my research, this is due to the fact that some of your textures do not have a 1:1 aspect ratio.
Either the API does not reflect what happens natively in Revit with the sliders, or the ratio should be taken into account in the code.
Unfortunately I don’t have the free time to devote to it.